How To Play:

Determine how many rounds will be played, or first player to a certain number of points.

Arrange players in an order that is easy to follow, preferably a circle. 

The person who is most likely to be late goes first, or the last person who arrived goes first.

The owner of the game can be the designated host (question asker)  or passed to whomever was last to answer a question.

The host draws a card and reads it aloud, all questions require 3 answers to receive a point.

If the player gets it correct, give them the card to keep. If they get it wrong, put it at the bottom of the deck. (See Bonus rules for alternative play style)

Immediately after the card is read, activate the CP Timer by pressing the button. The question must be answered before the sound of the buzzer.

Be mindful just like the stereotype you never know when the timer will go off. Could be any amount of time between 3 seconds to 10 seconds.

Bonus Rules & Suggestions:

For smaller groups (6 people or less) if the person answering the question doesn’t answer in time, the question can be asked to the next person in line but they are not allowed to repeat any answer already said, if still unanswered continue to move down the line, if no one answers once its back to the person it started with that player receives the point. 

For larger groups you can repeat the question to the following 2 people if neither can answer, discard the question to the bottom of the deck.

Each player is allowed ONE chance to skip per game. Make sure you use your skip wisely.

Some answers will be family and friend specific so it’s up to the group to decide which answers are acceptable.

Wager Challenge:

If someone believes an answer given is wrong, the player answering can be challenged.

The challenger can wager a point if the answer given was in fact wrong. The challenger gets the point that would’ve been given to the player who answered. 

If the person who answered is correct they keep the point and the challenger gives them one of their points. If the challenger has not yet acquired a point. They will be skipped for their next turn.

Winning The Game:

Winning the game is simple, collect the most points.

Each full “list of 3” is one point.